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   Why choose a Replica?
   Why choose Simpson Taxidermy Studio?

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Types of reproductions, answers to FAQ's and common misconceptions about replicas

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Why choose a Replica?
Tiger Musky

Fish replicas are an excellent alternative for a fish mount for many reasons.  In some cases, replicas are the only way to go.

* Catch and release fisherman
Now you can have a visible reminder of the BIG one you caught and let swim away

* Decorating your house and cabin
More durable, easier to clean and not affected by humidity or temperature fluctuations makes replicas the best choice for cabins, boathouses, bars & restaurants

* Gifts for Sportsman
A beautiful fish reproduction makes a wonderful gift for the angler in your life

* Remembering the BIG one you caught & never mounted
Fish replicas let you exchange a fading photo and a memory with a piece of wildlife art that has personal meaning.

* Replacements or Duplicates
Maybe you got your big one mounted, but taxidermy even 15 years ago was not what it is today.  Or you want to have a duplicate of your trophy fish to hang at your cabin or office.  Replica's are the answer.

* Saltwater fish, catfish & sturgeon
Many fish, like catfish, salmon, and most saltwater fish contain large amounts of grease in the skin and fins.  Others, like  sturgeon, paddlefish & sharks are almost impossible to mount with conventional methods and have a  mount that will last . For these fish, reproductions are the only real solution.

* Faster completion time
Reproductions are usually finished in 1 to 6 months, depending on my current backlog, the manufacturer and when you place your order.

*  Vacation Trips
Caught a big pike on a fly-in trip in Canada OR a sailfish while in Mexico? Sometimes, it's impossible to bring a trophy fish home for mounting.  And getting a finished replica shipped from a foreign country can be VERY expensive.

For all of these reasons and more, fish reproductions are the perfect solution.

Why order your replica
Simpson Taxidermy Studio?

Largemouth Bass
* Selection - By working with numerous manufacturers all across the country, I can select from thousands of replicas to find the closest match to your fish. Nobody has a greater selection of species and sizes for fresh or salt water fish.   I don't make the replicas, I make them beautiful!

* Experience - I've operated a professional studio in Winneconne since 1987 and I've worked in taxidermy for over 30 years.  I've painted thousands of fish and that knowledge goes into every replica I do.  My experience is what can turn an average replica blank into a beautiful piece of custom wildlife art.

* Individualized - Every replica I do is a one-of-a-kind created just for you - there is no such thing as an "assembly line" paint job. Using your photos or descriptions, each replica is painted as close as possible to look like your unique fish.

* Craftsmanship - Not a word that is used a lot anymore, but pride, craftsmanship and attention to detail is something I put into every piece of work I do, it's my signature.

* My Guarantee - 100% satisfaction for all clients.    If you are not completely pleased with a replica we do for you, we will give you a full refund.  (shipping charges are excluded)

* Experienced Shippers - We have been shipping fish mounts and replicas across the USA and Canada for the last 20+ years.  We know how to get it there undamaged.  And just in case, every mount is fully insured.

What you should know
answers to FAQ's and common misconceptions about replicas

Northern Pike

All fish replicas are cast from actual fish.
Most are cast from molds made using freshly caught specimens, some are cast from molds of previously mounted fish.  The replica "blank" is then made from some form of resin gel coat with fiber layers added for strength.  There is NO such thing as a "graphite" replica.  More information on the different types of replicas can be found here.  Since only 1 mold can be made from each fish, there is usually only 1 pose available in each size from each manufacturer.  

Nearly every species of fresh and salt water fish is available as a replica.  However, there is a much bigger selection of some species and sizes than others.  Very large specimens (record class fish) or species that are uncommon may not be available in some cases or selection very  limited to just a few.   

A replica is not made to match the measurements of your fish.  
Our goal is to match the measurements of your fish to an available replica.  By shopping the inventory lists of many different manufacturers, I can usually find a match or near match to your fish.  However, fish are very unique and it may not be possible to precisely match the length AND weight AND girth of your fish.  

The quality of a FINISHED replica
is largely determined by the knowledge, experience, artistic ability and craftsmanship of the taxidermist.  Defects in the molding and casting process must be repaired, fins attached and a mouth sculpted in.  And of course, the replica must painted to match YOUR fish.  This is where ability of the taxidermy artist you chose is  really apparent.  Choose wisely.


Fish vary in coloration from lake to lake and even with the same lake.  
If you provide a good color photo of your fish, I can get the coloration VERY close.  I have built my business on attention to detail. If you have no photo, I will paint it as "typical" for the species unless you can provide me with some guidance.   Many of the newer reproductions have flexible fins and are difficult to tell from the real thing.   See for yourself.  Check out the photos on the photo page

Most reproductions are completed in 1 to 6 months.  It depends on the time of year you place the order, current backlog and the company I obtain the repro from.  Many companies manufacture only upon receiving order and keep no inventory.  Some sizes may be custom orders and may take a little longer.  Click here to check my completion schedule

All replica's come ready to hang on your wall.  However, many people like the look the panel gives to a mount, so I offer several types of background.  All are priced per inch of fish -

Bark edge butternut ovals             add    $1.50 per inch
Solid Oak or Walnut                    add    $1.75 per inch
Driftwood (cleaned & bleached)  add    $0.75 per inch

Habitat, or scenery bases, are also popular.  These  usually include  some sort of bottom (sand, muck, etc.), a piece of driftwood and underwater plants.  They may also include a water surface and/or lily pads.  Because each base is unique,  they are individually priced depending on size and complexity - inquire or check the price list.

Nameplates allow you to display the date of your catch and it's real weight and length.  They vary in price according to style and size.  They are available in several colors of plastic, brass and aluminum with as many lines as you  want.
Cost - $5.00 to $15.00 additional.

Reproduction Fish Prices
effective Jan. 2008

Flathead Catfish

Wholesale cost of the blank (w/ shipping*)   + $6.50 per inch Labor
(Average total price starts around $10.50 per inch)
NOTE: Sales tax for WI residents and shipping the finished replica to you is NOT included. 

For many years, all replicas were made from fiberglass and the wholesale cost for a blank from most manufacturers was nearly the same.  In the last few years, new companies, newer molding and casting techniques and new materials used by some companies have resulted in some really excellent replicas with thinner fins & greater scale detail.  But they often come at a significantly higher cost - sometimes as much as 50% more than the same size/species blank from other manufacturers.  However, since many of these companies are new, they do not yet have the wide selection of species and sizes that many of the older replica manufacturers do.

The old method of using a  flat "per inch" total price  for all replicas would no longer work. This required me to restructure my method of pricing replicas, in order to be able to offer the newest replicas at a fair price and still not over-charge  for less expensive blanks from the older companies. Charging "per inch" for labor to prep and paint and charging you only for the cost of the blank, allows me to offer you every replica available at a fair price.  And my experience allows me to put the same quality into every replica I do, no matter what the cost of the blank. 

* Shipping refers to the cost of the manufacturer shipping the unfinished blank to Simpson Taxidermy Studio in Winneconne, WI.  For convenience, this shipping cost  may be calculated at 15 - 20% of the wholesale price for most replicas, but in the case of large replicas that have to be shipped  via truck, the actual shipping charges are used.   Other fees, such as crating or insurance or import/export duties are NOT included in the price.

Sturgeon Heads
Made & Sold EXCLUSIVELY by Simpson Taxidermy Studio

SH-1 - 57" long and 85 lb.            $200
Mouth partially extended

SH-2  -  65" long and 105 lb.        $225
Mouth partially extended

SH-3  -  67" long and 115 lb.        $225
Mouth partially extended

SH-4 -  60" long and 95 lb.           $200
Mouth NOT extended
(pictured at right)

3 MORE LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE SUMMER 2008                            

Custom casting of your sturgeon head -  $300

These heads are cast from Lake Sturgeon harvested from the Lake Winnebago system.  The replica is made from a rigid casting latex filled with foam and finished at Simpson Taxidermy Studio. 

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What to do in the Field

If you catch a fish that you want to release (or fillet) and would like to have a replica of it to hang on your wall, you need to get as much information as you can as quickly as possible. 

1. Length - Measured from the nose to the tip of the tail, with the mouth closed and the tail spread out.

2. Girth - Measure the girth at the largest point around the fishes body

3. Weight -  if possible

4. Sex - Male or female in spawning color, swollen belly, special colors, etc.

5. Photos - Take several good color photos of the FISH (not you and the fish) from different angles.  Use a 35 mm or a good digital  camera set at high resolution.  Try to get both sides as well as close-ups with some multi-colored objects in the background.  This will help your camera and the developer get the right tints to the photos.  Avoid flash photos or photos in direct sun (too much glare off the fish) or deep shadow and night pictures.  The better the photo, the more accurately I can match the characteristics of your individual fish. 

While any photo will help me, it is not necessary to produce a beautiful replica. These fish are usually painted as "typical" for the species.

Then release the fish as quickly as you can.  

How to Order
Blacktip Shark

First - Let's see if we can find a match to your fish.  Contact me in any 1 of 4 ways:

1.  Stop in during business hours
2.  Call the toll free number -
3.  Click on the e-mail icon   with as much of the following information as you have:

Species of fish
Length - in inches
Girth  - circumfrence around the belly, in inches.
Weight - in pound & ounces
Sex - Male or female in spawning condition
Other information -  date or time of year it was caught,  etc.
Shipping information - if you are not picking up the replica, I'll need your city and state (or province) to give you a price for shipping.  (including packing & insurance)

4.  Fill out the Price Quote form

Then I'll shop the listings of all the replica manufacturers to locate as many matches or near matches to your fish as possible.  I'll get back to you with a selection of replicas in different sizes, poses and price ranges. 

You choose the replica you want and any extras (driftwood or habitat, etc), you will be given finished price quote.  Price quotes are guaranteed for 30 days minimum.  

A deposit of 50% of the total is required to start your order .  You can mail a check, pay in cash (local customers only) or call with your credit card information (Sorry, I do NOT have secure internet ordering) Send any photographs you might have of the fish by mail or e-mail at this time.  Please tell me if the want the photos back.  I will mail a receipt and a copy of your Work Order to you.  The balance is due upon completion and can also be paid by cash, check or Visa/MasterCard.
Toll Free Order Only - 1-877-582-7005

  Send me an e-maill     we accept Visa/MasterCard
NOTE: All prices are quoted in US dollars.

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Photo Gallery
Brook Trout
Click on thumbnail for larger pic
Black Crappie
Dolly Varden
male King(Chinook) Salmon
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Cutthroat Trout
Northern Pike
Blue Marlin
Lake Sturgeon
Rainbow Scene
Blue Catfish
Artic Grayling
Brown Trout - male
Sheefish ( Inconnu )
Yellow Perch
Chum (Dog) Salmon
Brook Trout
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